Student Researcher @ University of Washington

ethans03 [at] cs.washington.edu

Hi! I am a undergraduate student at the University of Washington majoring in Computer Science, minoring in Math and History. I currently work as a research assistant at RAIVN Lab mentored by Aditya Kusupati under Prof. Ali Farhadi. I am broadly interested in how models understand information through representation, model architecture, and training. I am also interested in the intersection of artificial intelligence and the social sciences.

Recent Highlights

Selected Publications


Video-Language Models for Out-of-the-Box Reward

I experimented with Video-Language Models as drop-in replacements for reward functions during training on environments such as MountainCar and CartPole.

Generative Visual Question Answering

I worked with two classmates to create an experimental Visual Question Answering dataset with future shifted images generated using Stable Diffusion 2.0.


I helped found and develop Mutorials, an ongoing online science trainer to make SAT and AP test preparation fun and accessible.

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